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Cosmic Dawn presents: Doctor Cyclops & Bismut

Beginn: 2018-05-18 21:00:00
Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-styled power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70ies and early 80ies such as Truth and janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage styled ones: Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some.
Doctor Cyclops’ music is an obscure kind of heavy old style rock, its groove made by a miscellanous heap mix of influences, which go from the progressive to the doom stuff played with a raw and dusty wish.
Angel Saviour in the Cannibal House
Local Dogs (Full Album)
... is a heavy instrumental trio based in Nijmegen NL. They play psych desert metal.
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Ort: Kulturbahnhof, Spitzweidenweg 26, 07743 Jena
Schlüsselworte/Tags: jena Metal Rock KulturBahnhof schwarzesjena CosmicDawn Doom Progressive


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