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Just Friends & Graduating Life

Beginn: 2020-05-07 20:00:00
zuendstoff booking & Rosenkeller e.V. Jena pres.: Just Friends Support: Graduating Life 07.05.20 • 20 Uhr VVK: 13€ zzgl. Geb bei Eventim und in der Jena-Info "Just Friends is a pop funk rock collective from the Bay Area of California USA. They are embarking on a tour of the UK and Germany in Spring 2020. With their high energy live show and their undeniably contagious songs, Just Friends will one day rule the world. Traveling with them is Graduating Life, a band with powerful pop punk anthems and a cult following. Watch theses band as they begin their inevitable takeover on the Fashodie Worldwide Tour 2020!“
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