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Ahmed Ag Kaedy

Beginn: 2019-10-17 20:00:00

exile from his city in Northern Mali, singer/songwriter Ahmed Ag Kaedy
returns to the origins of Tuareg folk with sessions of stripped down
solo acoustic guitar. Mellow pentatonic notes dance over plaintive
vocals, intimate and close mic’d, endearing in their simplicity.
Drifting from melancholic ballads and pleas for peace, “Akaline Kidal”
is a politically charged and poignant recording for a community ripped
apart by division and civil war.

While the Tuareg guitar genre is popularized by rock heavyweights like Tinariwen and Bombino, the origins of the genre are in simple acoustic arrangements. Created in the 1980s as political folk music, the first recordings were made on contraband cassette tapes. Distributed on underground networks, the music spread throughout the diaspora, planting the seeds of revolution and establishing the Tuareg guitar sound.

Ort: Kulturzentrum "Trafo", Nollendorfer Str. 30, 07743 Jena
Schlüsselworte/Tags: jena Rock Konzert LIVE 80er Liedermacher Kulturzentrum Trafo



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