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Science Pub: Fact or Fallacy? The SciencePub Quiz

Beginn: 2019-04-15 19:00:00
In the month of April the Science Pub will explore how easy, or hard, it is to fool you with the Science Pub Quiz! Everybody will be familiar with grandma’s wisdoms and other commonly held beliefs regarding chicken soup as a remedy for flu, not re-freezing meat and the direction that water spins down the drain on the northern and southern hemispheres. We will unveil the facts or fallacies behind these matters in an interactive quiz. Well, maybe not the ones we just mentioned because you are probably going to look them up on wiki right now. So, brush up on your science trivia and join us for an evening of myth-busting and awe-inspiring scrutiny of what is true and what is cuckoo! And, best of all, there are prizes to be won!!!

As usual, doors will open at 7 and the entry is free of charge.

Ort: Café Wagner, Wagnergasse 26, 07743 Jena
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