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Kame House Tour 2019

Beginn: 2019-03-23 20:00:00

KAME HOUSE TOUR 2019 — »2 Std. nach Untermischung«

Love-Songs (LIVE)
Infuso Giallo (LIVE)

Love-Songs (Hamburg)
Thomas Korf, Manuel Chittka and Sebastian Kokus are Love-Songs from Hamburg. The trio, which includes former members of the post-punk band Messer and the Hamburg electro-pop project Me Succeeds, has developed its own musical twist over the past few years. Different variations of Kraut music becoming an amalgamation of the heritage of German avant-garde pop music. Influences of Dub, Wave and Cosmic Music are obvious but rudimentary. The development of a new (musical) language is the primus of their work and finds a temporary climax on the recently released „Inselbegabung EP“ on Kame House Records.

Infuso Giallo (Berlin)
In search of artists with a unique sound you won‘t be able to get past Infuso Giallo. Since the release of his debut EP „Ode to Sansevieria“ in September 2017, the Berlin-by-choice artist has been able to create a fanbase in Berlin as well as in other world capitals. His sound, which was quickly given the new label „Krautronica“ by experts, consists of an unheard combination of such worlds as Moog-Exotika, Ambient, New-Age, but also House and Beatscene. Additionally his live sets have already been presented to a selected audience – a fluid, ever-changing and ever-new collection and reinterpretation of his own tracks, alternating between Ambient and club context. Several releases are planned for 2019.

Ausschließlich Abendkasse – 10 Euro –

Ort: Kulturzentrum "Trafo", Nollendorfer Str. 30, 07743 Jena
Schlüsselworte/Tags: jena Rock PUNKROCK PUNK Kulturzentrum Trafo



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